March 30, 2020

This thread on StackExchange asks a great question: why is quadratic interpolation so rarely used, especially in computer graphics ? Linear interpolation provides...

This post on the Unity Blog details our Unity implementation of the Procedural Stochastic Texturing algorithm published in GPU Zen 2 and how to use it.

This chapter is the result of my internship's work on Eric Heitz and Fabrice Neyret's HPG 2018 publication High-Performance By-Example Noise using a Histogram-Preserving Blending Operator, under the supervision of Eric Heitz at Unity Labs, available in print in GPU Zen...

April 26, 2018

This winter I had to implement simple versions of both SSR and SSAO post-effects in an OpenGL scene as an evaluation for a graphics rendering class. I decided to use the opportunity to have some fun with it in the few weeks we had and added other tasks on top of that. ...

June 4, 2017

A few months ago I had to choose a personnal project for this semester of my studies, so I decided to use this opportunity to start working again on something I had wanted to do for a while : adding volumetric clouds and other weather phenomena to the terrain engine. I...

November 6, 2016

I've been working for the past few months on a new rendering technique for the billboard vegetation cover of the terrain engine I'm working on.

What we had previously for billboard trees and grass was a standard technique : a geometry shader, generating a camera-facing...

August 30, 2016

Since 2015 I have been working on a terrain engine project in Unity on which I've spent most of my free time, with the goal of having realistic 1:1 scale terrains in real time for video games or simulators. More information here : Terrain engine introduction

August 30, 2016

Equilibrium is a mobile game I have worked on as a side-project with two friends, at Newhead Studio. It was released on the Google Play store in June of 2015.

It is a physics based arcade game where you have to pile up cubes on your triangle while keeping it in balance...

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